Secure Web Portal


PLMFleetLink is a secure, easy-to-use online portal for PLM customers to access their account and fleet information, track rental and lease trailers and request support 24/7. Through the PLMFleetLink Portal, customers can:

  • View and create dynamic reporting of PLM rental and lease activity
  • Track your trailer and monitor temperature
  • View online invoicing and statements
  • Create web-based support requests
  • Real-time preventative maintenance and repair reporting


PLMFleetLink - secure online web access


Fleet reporting for all PLM trailers

Asset descriptions
Contract terms
Maintenance information
Standard or customized views 


One consolidated location for

GPS & Temperature management data
Operating & fuel alerts
Temperature history
Geo-location information


PLM invoicing available

Rental, lease,  maintenance & Value-added services
Complete account statement in total or by billing location


Customer service requests

Real-time status updates
Request additional rental or lease trailers
Replace license plate
Transfer trailer to new location

Report accidents



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